I couldn’t help but wonder …

Carrie Bradshaw Did we have it right in high school?

Es ist mal wieder so weit: Zeit für einen “Sex and the City“-Marathon! Bevor ich aber dazu komme aufzuschreiben, was wir von Miranda, Samantha und Charlotte lernen können (meinen Blogpost zu Carrie findet ihr hier), wollte ich endlich mal alle berühmt-berüchtigten Carrie-Bradshaw-Wonderings sammeln. Über die meisten von ihnen grübeln wir schließlich noch heute.

Ganz schön mühsam (was tut man nicht alles!) und eventuell noch unvollständig, aber hier sind sie:

Alle Fragen, die sich Carrie Bradshaw stellt

If models could cause otherwise rational individuals to crumble in their presence, exactly how powerful was beauty?

How do we know when enough is enough?

Are all men freaks?

Do women just want to be rescued?

Can you change a man?

Where’s the line between professional girlfriend and just plain professional?

Twenty-something girls … friend or foe?

Is it better to fake it than to be alone?

Are we the new bachelors?

In a city of great expectations, is it time to settle for what you can get?

If you love someone and you break up – where does the love go?

Are relationships the religions of the nineties?

When it comes to bags, men and cities – is it really what’s outside that counts?

Why do we let the one thing we don’t have affect all the things we do have?

Are men in their twenties the new designer drug?

How often is normal?

Denial … friend or foe?

How many of us out there are having great sex with people we are ashamed to introduce to our friends?

Are we getting wiser or just older?

Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?

Can there be sex without politics?

When will waiting for the one be done?

Are we there yet?

If we can take the best of the other sex and make it our own, has the opposite sex become obsolete?

Is timing everything?

What really defines a relationship?

Are New Yorkers evolving past relationships?

Just how dangerous is an open heart?

Can you ever really forgive if you can’t forget?

In a relationship, is honesty really the best policy?

Can we have it all?

Were women in New York really giving up on love and throttling up on power?

How do you know when it’s right?

In a gravity-free world of ‘anything goes’, what constitutes cheating?

Is sex ever safe?

Carrie Bradshaw questions

When it comes to relationships, what are we fighting for?

Is there a secret cold war between marrieds and singles?

When does the art of compromise become compromising?

Why is it that we can see our friends perfectly but when it comes to ourselves, no matter how hard we look, do we ever see ourselves clearly?

In matters of love, do actions really speak louder than words?

What’s the harm in believing?

Do we need distance to get close?

Is there such a thing as relationship karma?

Is a relationship a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?

Could it be that the problem isn’t them but – horror of horrors – is it us?

Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?

When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?

Can you ever really escape your past?

Do we search for lessons to lessen the pain?

Soulmates: reality or torture device?

When it comes to men – even if we try to keep it light – why do we wind up in the dark?

Can we be friends with an ex?

In a city as cynical as New York, is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?

When it comes to relationships, is it smarter to follow your heart or your head?

Why is it always something?

How do you know if you’re good in bed?

When you date someone, how many people become emotionally involved?

At the end of yet another failed relationship, you have to wonder: What is it all for?

Do you have to play games to make relationships work?

In a city like New York – with its infinite possibilities – has monogamy become too much to expect?

When it comes to finance and dating, why do we keep investing?

When did we stop being free to be you and me?

Can you get to a future if your past is present?

Are we willing to believe anything to date?

Are the men of today less threatened by a woman’s power or are they just acting?

In a relationship, what are the deal breakers?

Were we all in fact just dating the same person over and over again?

Do we really want these things – or are we just programmed?

What are the breakup rules?

Can we date outside our caste?

Have we become romance intolerant?

Are we simply romantically challenged or are we sluts?

Do we need drama to make a relationship work?

Are there women in New York who are just there to make us feel bad about ourselves?

Was I next?

When does criticism that’s constructive become destructive?

If we know the house always wins, why gamble?

What comes first: the chicken (the relationship) or the sex?

Without sharing your worlds, can even the hottest relationship stop cold?

Can a relationship bring you back to life?

To be in a couple, do you have to put your single-self on a shelf?

When did it stop being fun and start being scary?

Carrie Bradshaw The Only thing I learned that night was that maybe i should have stay home

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